Tron Video Arcade Game play tactics

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Tron Video Arcade Game play tactics

Postby labnip » Sun Jan 24, 2016 4:09 pm

There are 4 mini games per Tron "Level". The 4 mini games are:
    1. I/O Tower (aka: Grid Bugs) :
    This segment of the game mimics the scene from the motion picture in which Tron enters the Input/Output tower. In the arcade game, the player must destroy large numbers of Grid Bugs with Tron's disc and clear a path to the flashing circle, which must be entered before a timer runs out to complete the section. If a Bit appears on the screen, it can be picked up for a bonus of 5000 points.

    2. MCP Cone :
    This area imitates Tron's final battle against the MCP. The game's interpretation has the player destroying a multicolored wall in front of the MCP cone and getting by the wall, into the cone. A 1000-point bonus is awarded for completing the level, and an additional 1000 points is given for destroying all blocks of the wall.

    3.a. Battle Tanks (early levels) :
    The Battle Tanks subgame is not strictly based on film events, but the tanks are taken from there and the gameplay is similar to Atari Combat. The gameplay does resembles a two dimensional version of the in-universe game Space Paranoids which itself was realized as a 3-D first person maze shooter but would have been difficult to realize on real world arcade machines of the time. The player must guide Tron's red tank through a maze and destroy several blue tanks or red recognizers controlled by the computer. This must be done without taking any hits from enemies. If the player drives into the purple diamond in the center of the maze, the tank is warped to a random area of the maze. A bug in the game results in a cheat option. When the player's tank is not touching the white line in the corridors, it can not be hit by the enemy's fire, but it can still be rammed by enemy tanks.

    3.b. Recognizers (advanced Levels for Battle Tanks) :
    These floating vehicles, colloquially referred to by the public as "stompers" for quite some time, take the place of the tanks at higher levels in the tanks game. The designation "recognizers" was used very sparingly in the film and many viewers might have therefore been unaware of the proper name. In the film, the Recognizers were the vehicles that attempted to stop the light cycles from escaping the game grid by "stomping" on them, and one of these vehicles was also the type of machine that Flynn "resurrected" with his user powers.

    Recognizers do not fire at the player's tank at all but move at high speed, relentlessly converging on the player's location, and each still requires three shots to be destroyed.
    4. Light Cycles :
    In a player versus AI variant of the snake concept, the player guides a blue Light Cycle in an arena against an opponent, while avoiding the walls and trails of light left behind by both Light Cycles. The player must maneuver quickly and precisely in order to force opponents to run into walls. The enemy cycles have a fixed behavior pattern for each level: if the player can find it, the opponent can be defeated every time on this level.

There's several named Levels to the game, they are:
    BASIC -
    ---Secondary levels are same as PASCAL secondary levels.
    ---Tanks: are same os OS Tanks pattern

    ---Tanks: most people go to the center.
    ---Light Cycles: stay lower-left & slow.

    SNOBOL -
    ---Sames as ALGOL secondary
    ---Light Cycles: stay right & down

    PL1 -
    ---Tanks: wait at start, move to left/center
    ---Light Cycles: right side

    ---Same as BASIC secondary
    ---Tanks: stay left-center
    ---Light Cycles:

    ---same primaries as FORTRAN, but a little faster.
    ---Light Cycles: stay right

    ---Tanks: hold up immediately (up & middle as fast as possible) go to top of center-pink diamond and hide/shoot.
    ---Light Cycles: go right to wall, down & then back left slow.

    ---same Tanks as BASIC
    ---same Cycles as SNOBAL: go right, past

    ---slow cone
    ---same as PL1 Primaries (Tank & Cycles)
    ---Tank: stay left-center between 2 color changing squares
    ---Light Cycles: right, up, turn right between 2 black lines, then very close to wall, then down slow

    ---PASCAL Primaries (Tank & Light Cycles)
    ---PL1 secondary
    ---very fast cone

    ---ALGOL primaries
    ---PASCAL secondaries
    ---Tank: if you're to slow to get to right, just hide in bottom area of pink diamond transporter.

Of those Levels, break the mini-games down to 2 groups:
    Primary :
      Tanks/Recognizers game &
      Light Cycle game.
    Secondary :
      MCP game &
      I/O Tower (aka: Grid Spiders) game

For the Primary group of Levels, you need to know which Level you are playing before starting the: Tanks game & the Light Cycle game.
The Primary group of Levels that have unique patterns for those 2 games are:

For the Secondary group of Levels, you can basically wing-it for the 2 other games: MCP game & I/O Tower (aka: Grid Spiders) games.
The Secondary group of Levels are:

NOTE: That above, the JCL level uses the PLI level pattern for the Tanks game & Light Cycle game.

The world record high score for Tron was set in July 2011 by David Cruz of Brandon, Florida. Cruz scored 14,007,645 points based on Twin Galaxies rules and settings for the game.

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