Pinball Training Material : Table of Contents

Training instructions, photos and videos to help everyone with learning pinball repair.
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Pinball Training Material : Table of Contents

Postby MrVid » Sat Jun 20, 2015 6:54 pm

The following is the table of contents starting point into pinball buyers & owners training materials approved & provided by Mr. Vid.

Table of Contents

    1. How to avoid getting ripped off when buying :
    2. Playfield Restoration
    3. Upgrading & Rebuilding Flippers
    4. Rebuilding Pop Bumpers
    5. Properly Shipping Pinball Playfields
    6. Bally Driver Board Repair & Bulletproofing
    7. Bulletproofing Williams System 3-7
    8. Lighted Flipper Buttons for $4.18
    9. Shadow Sanctum Target Repair
    10. Quick and Dirty Rotisserie Guide

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