Controversy @ Disneyland's Paint the Night parade - possible epileptic triggers

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Controversy @ Disneyland's Paint the Night parade - possible epileptic triggers

Postby Tink » Sun Jun 07, 2015 12:47 pm

I'm thinking Disney needs to address this right away. Apparently, the new extra-bright LEDs used in the parade and the strobe effect combination are triggering epileptic seizures. I'll be following this story, as I am very sensitive to strobes. But I really don't want to miss this parade. Here's a clip from one lady's first-hand account.

Quote from recent attendee:
"I just wanted to give a word of caution to parents of children with Epilepsy. We were in Disneyland last week and waited front and center for the Paint the Night Parade. It is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking as expected. My warning is that the parade caused my son to have seizures. He has had epilepsy since he was very young and is very light sensitive (should have thought about this ahead of time). Any type of video games, some tv shows (Power Rangers), or strobe lights will bring them on.
I'm absolutely not recommending that you not watch the parade, it is beautiful. I just wanted to let parents know what happened to my son because none of us want to watch our child seizing. I realized during the parade that this was going to happen, but we were unable to get out of our seating situation. If your child is prone to seizures, maybe try to sit a little further back, the lights are very bright and quick moving when you are in the front."

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